What is The Sourcerer?

This is a new concept offering recruiters from agencies, working in house or anyone involved in hiring or recruiting, access to candidates and talent, in areas of candidate scarcity and difficulty in targeting; particularly when traditional methods of sourcing are not delivering.

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35 years in the industry, 21 years in search.

An extensive playbook of techniques and a wealth of skill for finding great candidates.
An unmatched record of success in finding even the most unusual candidate.
Knows the questions to ask in assessing quality of candidates.

The recruitment industry is more professional, with well qualified young people working in agencies and consultancies, as well as working in-house, in Talent Acquisition and Recruitment roles.

Traditionally recruitment services have been provided as an end to end bundle of differing tasks leading up to the point of hiring. While professionals can perform all of these tasks, at times, there is a need for some parts to be performed independently, and so we un-bundle the recruitment process and look at providing support for the difficult, time-consuming and sometimes tedious parts.

The biggest issue for many in a market that is short on talent, is getting skilled and qualified people for a shortlist. When advertisements don’t work, a personal approach to a targeted individual is more effective and has a better chance of success; but the research and getting contact details, making the calls and selling the concept of a new role, is time consuming and in certain circumstances can be embarrassing in commercially sensitive situations.

Rabbit Another one pulled out of the hat!

Our Big Call, Whodini and White Rabbit services can take the hassle out of this part of the process, particularly when the right candidate is as scarce as hen’s teeth.

Recruiters have often said that Reference checking is the most disliked part of the recruitment process. In some cases it is passed back to the hiring manager, who often has not had the training to go beyond the standard questions and probe the answers for more information. A really good reference check can prevent a bad hire, help with how to manage a successful candidate really achieve in a new role, and acts as a quality check on the process.

To contact the Sourcerer email: helpnotospam@thesourcerer.co.nz with your contact details.
You will be called back promptly!



When I first heard about the Sorcerer its fair to say I was a little skeptical. If I can’t find them, I can’t see how the Sorcerer will!
Well surprise surprise… I received a list of names and the resumes within a few days. It saved me a heap of time and the candidates were well informed and suitably qualified for me to submit their details to the hiring manager.

I tried the Whodini product for a project I was working on, while under time pressure from a client and a number of assignments on the go at one time. I got three names, one of which was already on my list, but the other two were new to me. I thought the concept is good and was impressed with the speed and quality of what was delivered. I would use it again if under the pump, and needing to deliver a good result for my client.

I used The Sourcerer in a recent acquisition where we needed a new Chief Executive with very specific industry experience, to replace the departing owner. This had to be done in absolute confidence while the acquisition progressed. We were able to give The Sourcerer two names from within the sector, and used the Big Call. We got the Big Result!
Nice service, simple and effective!

Rabbit in Hat
A.T. M&A Specialist

We heard about this new service from a client. Seek and other job pages were not getting any quality candidates with local experience. We were inundated with candidates from around the world who just couldn’t cut it in the domestic market. We used The Sourcerer and bingo! Talent we knew of, but never thought we could get over to our company! Money well spent I would say.

We tried Check It Out for reference checking our new HR Manager. We wanted an independent assessment. The information we got was invaluable, particularly highlighting a weak area which we sorted with some training.

Terms of Business

We invoice you for 30% of the service level you have requested on briefing. The balance, 70%, is invoiced when we have delivered the service to you.

Payment terms are strictly 7 days. An unpaid invoice will prevent completion of the delivery.

When your timeline for this hire is so short that you need to get a shortlist up with real urgency… talk to the SOURCERER!

You need to be able to provide a detailed brief in order for us to deliver for you. To help, we have provided a briefing form, and you can attach a job description. We need to know that you as the client and we as the Sourcerer of candidates are on the same page; that we are providing the candidates that you need… not ones that are close to the mark, but candidates that could do the job if it was offered to them.

We also need to know who you have spoken to and rejected already. There is no point in going over old ground.

Contact the Sourcerer by emailing your details and you will be called in response.

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