The Big Call

Making this call can be a big deal. You know of someone out there working for a competitor,or a client or someone you used to work with. You know how good they are, but you just cant pick up the phone and call them?

What do you get when we make the Big Call?

Confirmation of a level of interest from a known candidate, and that candidate’s resume, if they have an interest.

You don’t have the embarrassment of rejection or the stress on how you do this.

The opportunity to blame the Sourcerer if that angry client or competitor calls you once you have hired!

The Big Call

The Sourcerer can make that Big Call, saving you from rejection, the risk of counter raids on your people or even the backlash from a client hearing that ‘you tried to poach my team’.

You give us the name of the person you want, and the contact details….

The Sourcerer makes the call anonymously, so there is nothing backfiring on you. Any rejection isn’t personal or damaging to existing relationships. We solicit interest and the resume; then you are on your way!

One Person

Contacted for
One Position

$950.00 +gst

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Second Call

For the
Same Position

$650.00 +gst

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What We Need From You

Terms of Business

We invoice you for 30% of the service level you have requested on briefing. The balance, 70%, is invoiced when we have delivered the service to you.

Payment terms are strictly 7 days. An unpaid invoice will prevent completion of the delivery.

When your timeline for this hire is so short that you need to get a shortlist up with real urgency… talk to the SOURCERER!

You need to be able to provide a detailed brief in order for us to deliver for you. To help, we have provided a briefing form, and you can attach a job description. We need to know that you as the client and we as the Sourcerer of candidates are on the same page; that we are providing the candidates that you need… not ones that are close to the mark, but candidates that could do the job if it was offered to them.

We also need to know who you have spoken to and rejected already. There is no point in going over old ground.

Contact the Sourcerer by emailing your details and you will be called in response.

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