Pulling rabbits out of a hat (getting the candidates that you desperately need).

So you have been looking for good, qualified candidates for your role without success. They are as rare as hens teeth, or your strategy just isn’t pulling the right people. Well, lets see if the Sourcerer can pull some rabbits out of the hat!

There are two service options here, and you can choose which is best for your situation:

Whodini The White Rabbit


This service is one which recruitment consultants may wish to use to impress clients and improve shortlists. Clients may wish to use this to test the market against a known internal candidate, without going to a full search.

You get the name and current employer and a contact method (phone, email, mobile).

Whodini is best used when you have a good recruitment team and methodology, where your resources can follow up, get the level of interest from the candidate and obtain the up to date resume, so that you can slot the candidates(s) into your process.

This service is one which recruitment consultants may wish to use to impress clients and improve shortlists.

One Candidate Name and Details


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(I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!)

The White Rabbit is for when you have totally hit the wall. You are out of time, under pressure and thinking ‘what do I do now?’ You don’t have the budget to go to a full search and selection process, but you can invest in success; and we will make you the hero!

You use this when you have nothing on the shortlist; that list you have to deliver next week. We can help you deliver not only the names current employer and contact details, but we will make the initial contact with the candidate, and check their level of interest, and get that up to date resume. If they are not interested, they don’t count towards your total.

We give all this information to you, but we don’t tell the candidate who our client is, until they have confirmed their interest. If they are not interested in you….they don’t count towards your total.

You get ready for interview candidates, their resume with all contact details just waiting to hear from you.

There will be some circumstances and situations where you might ask for three candidates and we are only able to find you two or even one, then you will only be charged for the service we deliver for you!

One Candidate

Interview Ready


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Two Candidates

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Three Candidates

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Terms of Business

We invoice you for 30% of the service level you have requested on briefing. The balance, 70%, is invoiced when we have delivered the service to you.

Payment terms are strictly 7 days. An unpaid invoice will prevent completion of the delivery.

When your timeline for this hire is so short that you need to get a shortlist up with real urgency… talk to the SOURCERER!

You need to be able to provide a detailed brief in order for us to deliver for you. To help, we have provided a briefing form, and you can attach a job description. We need to know that you as the client and we as the Sourcerer of candidates are on the same page; that we are providing the candidates that you need… not ones that are close to the mark, but candidates that could do the job if it was offered to them.

We also need to know who you have spoken to and rejected already. There is no point in going over old ground.

Contact the Sourcerer by emailing your details and you will be called in response.

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