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A detailed reference check is a critical step in the hiring process, and one that many recruiters dislike doing.

A good detailed reference check can aid in managing a new hire successfully, especially if the questions asked are framed around performance. Our specifically designed reference checks cover aspects of performance and behaviour critical to employers!

It’s a wise investment to Check it out before signing the offer.

So what do you get?

Three detailed written reference check reports covering a standard range of questions plus additional areas that you want to cover.

The interviews of referees take time and the reports depict accurately the responses to the questions asked and supplementary questions that develop. Having independence in reference checking means that someone who has no vested interest in the process is conducting what is effectively a quality control check on all of the interviews and assessments, therefore adding to the pool of information. All information gathered is confidential to the Sourcerer and the client.

Remember the best predictor of future performance is past performance!

Check it out
How much does it cost?

The full fee is invoiced when the request is received from you, and is payable 7 days from delivery of the completed reference checks. Reference checks are completed quickly but can be delayed with lack of availability of nominated persons.

The results of reference checks shouldn’t be the factor that makes you decide to hire or not. You should be past that point when you take references. A good detailed reference check can aid in managing a new hire successfully; we are not saying that with consistently bad reference checks, you should continue to hire, remember the only real predictor of future performance is past performance!

We have had an occasion where there were, on the surface, three good reference checks. When asked would you hire again, the answer from all three was NO.
Big red flag!!! And when asked why not, and pushing for an answer, each person said that the candidate stole from the company. Yet they were still giving average to good references. Why? Because the candidate negotiated that he gets a good reference for going quietly. So at least two companies hired him not knowing his past behaviour, and they suffered as a result, yet continued to give reference checks, perpetuating the problem. Who was at fault?; The provider of the reference, and the person taking the reference for not asking the right questions and digging deep enough.

Three Detailed Written Reference Checks

$2700.00 +gst

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What We Need From You

Terms of Business

We invoice you for 30% of the service level you have requested on briefing. The balance, 70%, is invoiced when we have delivered the service to you.

Payment terms are strictly 7 days. An unpaid invoice will prevent completion of the delivery.

When your timeline for this hire is so short that you need to get a shortlist up with real urgency… talk to the SOURCERER!

You need to be able to provide a detailed brief in order for us to deliver for you. To help, we have provided a briefing form, and you can attach a job description. We need to know that you as the client and we as the Sourcerer of candidates are on the same page; that we are providing the candidates that you need… not ones that are close to the mark, but candidates that could do the job if it was offered to them.

We also need to know who you have spoken to and rejected already. There is no point in going over old ground.

Contact the Sourcerer by emailing your details and you will be called in response.

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